Poster by Victoria Marie Barquin

  • Poster by Victoria Marie Barquin

Poster by Victoria Marie Barquin: Montessori Alumnus

"Top Right Corner"
4-color screen print
12 x 18 inches
Edition of 40, signed and numbered

"Top Right Corner" is an homage to a particular habit that I developed as a Montessori student—writing my name and date on every piece of paper. Whether a final essay or a sheet of notes, your name and date were always expected. Twelve years later, I credit most of my organization strategies to my time in Montessori schools. As a freelancer, organization, time management, and advocating for oneself are hugely important and I believe these skills are a direct result of my Montessori upbringing. Visually, the print mimics a lined piece of paper, while bringing together elements from a stapled childhood drawing, a Chicago underpass, and a Google Maps screenshot of the woods that line the northern edge of Princeton Montessori School, where I attended second through eighth grade.