Poster by Mimi Sarah Ozormoor

  • Poster by Mimi Sarah Ozormoor

Poster by Mimi Sarah Ozormoor: Montessori Alumnus

5-color screen print
12 x 18 inches
Edition of 20, signed and numbered

The idea for this print came to me when I was revisiting my experiences having started out my education at a Montessori school. One of my clearest memories from there was us raising caterpillars, waiting for the chrysalises to hatch, and then setting the butterflies free, and I felt as if it parallels really well with the ideas of growth and development that Montessori education values. I also thought that incorporating children exploring the world because another major part of my Montessori experience was discovering other living things and how they live on their own, whether be caterpillars or parakeets or plants, and also finding out the complexity of things through magnifying glasses. Overall, my work depicts a very nostalgic, and enhancing childhood experience that promotes children having a firsthand and independent space to explore the world around them.