Poster by Erik Salgado

  • Poster by Erik Salgado

Poster by Erik Salgado: Montessori Alumnus

4-color screen print
12 x 18 inches
Edition of 40, signed and numbered

I work in layers. I explore free form linework and drawing; taking inspiration from Mesoamerican stone sculptures and street graffiti. I often draw forms resembling faces, bricks, teeth and circles. I included the Pink Tower in the design from the perspective of looking up at the tower. This is how I remember it. The arc with points is referencing the side entrance of Near North Montessori, a door that I entered through day after day during my adolescence. The forms from my current drawing style watch over the the Pink Tower from behind as the viewer looks up at the tower from the front. This takes the perspective of my adolescence and combines it with where I am now, standing behind the tower and viewing it from the perspective of my adulthood.