The Celebrate Montessori Poster Project aims to publish original art prints designed by artists familiar with Montessori and the potential a Montessori education holds for peace and the liberation of the human spirit. 

The project was conceived by Colin Palombi, a Chicago based Montessori educator and artist, as a way to engage with artists and educators who believe in the Montessori method and wish to see increased diversity, equity, and access in Montessori education. 

To help realize this goal, 100% of proceeds from poster sales is allocated to the Black Montessori Education Fund whose mission is to increase engagement and support positive experiences of Black children and adults in Montessori education.

Participating artists are asked to draw inspiration from Maria Montessori's dedication to an education for peace, liberation, and independence; the beauty and design of Montessori materials; or the child's natural development and human potential.